NVIDIA’s failure: processors for mining were not in demand

Gamers’ complaints about the high cost of video cards were heard – NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) first tried to limit the computing power of devices when finding a hash function, and then… Read more

Prerequisites for the further growth of Ethereum

Whatever your attitude towards digital currencies, the rally of this asset class was simply incredible. Thirteen years ago, bitcoin was nothing more than an idea in the head of Satoshi… Read more

There is a new record

Bitcoin has rewritten the historical maximum above $ 68,500, Ethereum is on the verge of $ 4850, and the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market on the eve exceeded $… Read more

Chart of the Day: Bitcoin Targets $90,000

Bitcoin reached a new record high on Tuesday, breaking above the $68,000 level. By the time of writing, the digital currency has rolled back from its peak. Nevertheless, bitcoin continues… Read more

The bitcoin exchange rate has collapsed to $60,000

The bitcoin exchange rate closed with a decline on November 15, and a sharp drop followed on November 16. The BTC/USDt and ETH/USDt pairs collapsed by 11.8% and 14%, respectively.… Read more

The “killer” Ethereum has grown 100 times in a year and got into the Bloomberg terminal

Smart contracts are one of the leading factors in the growth of the use of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum remains dominant due to strong decentralization, but is inferior to more recent projects… Read more

Bitcoin has clung to the level of $ 60 thousand.

On Tuesday, November 16, at the end of the day, bitcoin fell by 5.58% to $60058. From a maximum of $69,000, the drop was 12.96%. Despite punctures up to $58500,… Read more

Bitcoin: The reverse side of Institutional Love

Bitcoin has suffered from the former love for it on the part of institutional investors. A significant sell-off in the stock and bond markets on Monday prevented the first cryptocurrency… Read more

Arguments in favor of further growth of BTC

The upward trend in Bitcoin is developing: the nearest target is the level of $75.2 thousand, while a correction below $60.8 thousand seems unlikely. It is possible to talk about… Read more

Is Cryptozyme close?

Bitcoin is trading in a range of 1% with no pronounced dynamics at $60K, losing 0.5% since the beginning of the day, but higher by 0.5% to the levels 24… Read more