Wow! Our favorite Samsung earbuds just scored a ridiculous 53% discount at Amazon

The new Galaxy S24 phones may be dominating the headlines, but they are far from the only Samsung devices getting great deals this week. Head to Amazon now and you’ll get a jaw-dropping 53% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, our top pick for the best Samsung wireless earbuds that money can buy today. It seems like this Amazon discount has passed under most folks’ radar until now, so get in there and grab a pair before the crowds show up. 

✅Recommended if: you want an excellent pair of wireless earbuds for cheap; you have a Samsung phone.

❌Skip this deal if: you need lots of battery life; you have a history of sensitive skin issues.

For just slightly over $100, you’re getting some of the best-sounding and most-comfortable earbuds that we’ve ever used, complete with active noise cancellation, IPX7 water resistance, and Spatial Audio support. As we note in our 4.5/5-star review, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro could use an improvement in battery life (and custom EQ settings would be nice), but if you’re looking to spend around 100 bucks on a pair of wireless earbuds, you cannot beat this deal. 

After all, until Samsung reveals its next-gen buds (presumably later this year), the Buds 2 Pro may just be the perfect companion purchase to your Samsung Galaxy S24 preorder. 

Via: Androidcentral

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