Wintry conditions trigger flurry of car accidents in Rochester, with almost 100 crashes reported

With slippery snow-covered roads accompanying the first blast of wintry weather, numerous crashes were reported in Rochester on Tuesday.

According to the Rochester Police Department, nearly 100 motor vehicle accidents were reported within city limits between 3 and 9 p.m. Tuesday, when much of the county’s snow fell.

None of the crashes were serious, said Capt. Ryan Tauriello of the Rochester Police Department. He said the bulk of the crashes occurred during the evening commute.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the county, Monroe County sheriff’s deputies were sent to the scene of nearly 200 motor vehicle accidents in their coverage area during the same timeframe, said Deputy Brendan Hurley. No serious injuries were reported.

According to the National Weather Service in Buffalo, 3 inches of snow fell in Rochester on Tuesday.

Winter driving tips: How to drive safely in snow and ice

AAA shared the following tips for driving in snow:

  • Drive slowly

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly

  • Increase your following distance

  • Stay home if possible

  • Don’t stop if you can avoid it

AAA also suggested to keep a bundle of cold weather gear in your car – including extra food, blankets, warm clothing, a flashlight and medications/first aid kit.

How much snow did Rochester NY get?

Three inches of snow was recorded at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport as of midnight, where the official snow measurements for Rochester are recorded by the Weather Service.

The latest snowfall totals: How much snow did Rochester get?

Lake effect snow: Why some areas experience intense lake effect snow while others see only a trace

Most of that snow fell before midnight on Tuesday, with just a trace amount of snow falling before the morning commute, forecasters said.

More snowfall totals:

  • Gates-North Gates: 4 inches (7:15 p.m. Tuesday)

  • Pittsford: 3.6 inches (9:35 p.m. Tuesday)

  • Henrietta: 3.5 inches (10:45 p.m. Tuesday)

  • Spencerport: 3 inches (4:10 p.m. Tuesday)

  • Rochester Airport: 3 inches (midnight Wednesday)

  • Mendon: 2.6 inches (7 p.m. Tuesday)

  • Greece: 0.2 inches (7 p.m. Tuesday)

This article originally appeared on Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Rochester NY Weather: Wintry conditions trigger flurry of accidents

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