WhatsApp on Android may soon let you transcribe voice notes

What you need to know

  • The latest WhatsApp beta on Android brings in a handy new voice note transcribe feature.
  • The update will likely roll out soon for Android, as it is already available for iOS.
  • Users who’d like to use the feature would have to install an additional 150MB of app data to enable the feature.

WhatsApp is working on yet another nifty feature for Android devices, which will finally bring the ability to transcribe voice messages. The feature was introduced earlier for WhatsApp on iOS and might soon be included in Android phones.

Tipster AssembleDebug has spotted the feature (via TheSpAndroid) in the Meta-owned messaging platform’s latest beta (WhatsApp version The APK teardown has revealed some strings regarding the feature, indicating the Android device’s requirements to enable transcripts on WhatsApp.

Per the strings, enabling transcripts should become accessible. However, users who want to test the new feature must download 150MB of new app data. After allowing, users will then get to read the transcripts before they listen to the voice messages they receive.

“WhatsApp uses your device’s speech recognition to provide end-to-end encrypted transcripts. Learn more,” the string further explains.

WABetaInfo further shares some insights about the new feature alongside the screenshot of the feature in the works through the WhatsApp beta version, available through the Google Play Beta program. The feature is believed to be “designed to enhance accessibility and convenience for users who prefer reading text over listening to voice notes,” notes WBI. 

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

The strings from the aforementioned APK teardown can clearly be seen in the screenshot shared by WBI. It is presumably the end user interface that WhatsApp users can expect before enabling the feature when the update rolls out officially soon. 

The upcoming feature utilizing on-device speech recognition and not just relying solely on the voice note audio is a win-win, as the transcription doesn’t leave the device and is simultaneously end-to-end encrypted.

As the feature is expected to roll out soon, users will be able to see the voice transcriptions right under the voice note bubble in the conversation pane of any individual chat or group. As of now, the feature is currently in development and still in beta and is expected to come in an official rollout soon.

Via: Androidcentral

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