WhatsApp Communities may make it a breeze to stay updated on upcoming events

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp is testing a pinned events section in communities to streamline access to event details with a single tap.
  • The feature, currently in development, would automatically pin upcoming events to the top of the community info screen once they’re created in group chats.
  • This update can significantly save time for users, eliminating the need to manually search through group chats to find and access event information.

WhatsApp is developing a handy feature that automatically pins upcoming community events to the top of the community info screen.

The newest beta version of WhatsApp for Android (v2.24.3.20) contains hints of a new feature for Communities: auto-pinned events. WABetaInfo caught this nifty addition, which may come in handy for community members who don’t want to miss out on upcoming events.

It removes the need for group members or admins to strain their fingers pinning events anymore, assuming the feature becomes public. Thanks to the wonders of automation, upcoming events practically pin themselves.

According to WABetaInfo, whenever a community member sets up an event, it gets automatically pinned right at the top of the community info screen.

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

Prior to this discovery, WABetaInfo spilled the beans on a new capability that would let you schedule an event in a group chat by tapping the attachment icon in the message field. Now, this auto-pinning feature seems like the next level to that trick.

Slapping events at the top of the community info page is a brilliant move. It serves as a shortcut to all the upcoming shindigs everyone should know about. WABetaInfo points out that this also saves you from the tedious job of manually hunting down events in every group chat within the community.

The feature is still not widely available on the beta channel, though, with WABetaInfo noting that it’s currently under development. But seeing as it has been spotted through limited testing, it may not be long before everyone gets a taste of the action.

Via: Androidcentral

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