Warren Buffett sidekick Charlie Munger dies at 99

STORY: Warren Buffett has lost his right-hand man.

Long-time business partner Charlie Munger died Tuesday, aged 99.

Representatives said he passed away peacefully in a hospital in his home state of California.

His passing leaves a void at the heart of Berkshire Hathaway – the investment titan that he and Buffett ran for decades.

Munger had been vice-chairman of Berkshire since 1978.

He worked closely with Buffett on allocating the firm’s capital, and was known for never mincing his words.

Investors flocked to the firm’s annual meetings in Omaha, Nebraska to hear the pair offer their folksy wisdom.

One long-time observer said Berkshire would just be less fun with Munger gone.

Though he had no longer been involved in routine operations, analysts say he was a vital sounding board for the boss.

It’s thought Buffett won’t try to replace him, with day-to-day tasks going to two other vice-chairmen.

The Berkshire boss himself is 93.

Writing last week, Buffett said he felt good, but knew he was playing in “extra innings”.

His son, Howard, is expected to become non-executive chairman when he does finally step down.

Berkshire owns numerous businesses and has hundreds of billions in stocks, including a big stake in Apple.

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