These AMVR Quest 3 controller grips prove simple is best

Sometimes, simple is best. The proof is in the pudding with these AMVR Quest 3 controller grips that are mainly designed to add grip and a hand strap, making it fast to change out the battery or use another Quest 3 controller accessory temporarily.

The secret is in the Quest 3 controller’s ingenious battery door design which clips in and is only released with the press of a button. AMVR Quest 3 controller grips slot in place of the standard controller battery door, adding a lovely grippy texture and easily adjustable hand straps to make throwing objects in VR easier.

The hand straps are quickly adjustable via a velcro backing, and the ribbed texture on the grip surface helps keep hands cool even during long sweaty play sessions of the best Meta Quest games.

The original release of this controller grip was defective but AMVR quickly replaced those with a refined version that doesn’t break easily. I’ve been using them for months and have yet to find any structural issues, so I’m confident that the original problems have been fixed.

My favorite part about these grips is how simple it is to remove them when necessary. You won’t be changing out batteries very often since the Quest 3 controller battery life lasts weeks on end, but I often play Walkabout Mini Golf with friends and love putter accessories like this HelloReal Putter or this AMVR Quest 3 golf club.

Both require you to remove the grips to fit snugly inside the club attachment, and it’s nice to just pop the grips off with a single button press and slide the controllers into the golf club.

AMVR also sells another controller grip that completely covers the controller, if you prefer that. These are also good and add a similar hand strap to make throwing easier, but require more work to take off in case you want to use other accessories.

For me, though, simple is best. That’s why I prefer the regular AMVR Quest 3 controller grips and why I call them one of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories. Of all the ones I’ve tested so far, this is my favorite way to play.

Via: Androidcentral

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