The Google Wallet push continues as 30 new banks are added in the US

What you need to know

  • Google added support for 30 U.S. banks to the Google Wallet app in March, bringing the total number of supported banks to over 5,000.
  • The move follows roughly a hundred new banks that were added to Google Wallet in December and January.
  • Google’s growing base of supported banks in Google Wallet comes as the company plans for a Google Pay shutdown in the U.S.

Google Wallet is getting bolstered with new features each month as it becomes Google’s primary digital banking and wallet app on Android. The company previously announced that Google Pay will officially be shut down on June 4, 2024, at least in the U.S. Ahead of the forced transition, Google is making sure as many banks are supported in Google Wallet as possible. In March, that meant adding 30 new banks to the Google Wallet app in the U.S. 

Google has made steady progress adding supported banks to the Google Wallet app in the U.S. It brought 42 new banking institutions on board in January, and 44 banks joined in December 2023. Now, as documented on a Google support page and first discovered by Android Police, there are 30 more newcomers in the Google Wallet app. 

Below is the full list of banks added to the Google Wallet app this month, including financial institutions from 14 different U.S. states. People who use these banks can now add digital bank cards to the Google Wallet app for Android. 

  • AtoB 
  • Bank of Odessa (MO) 
  • Beach Cities Commercial Bank (CA) 
  • BFG Federal Credit Union (OH) 
  • Chillicothe State Bank (MO) 
  • Citizens Bank of Eldon (MO) 
  • Coastlife Credit Union (TX) 
  • Community Bank of Oelwein (IA) 
  • CorePlus Federal Credit Union (CT) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants Bank (Cannon Falls, MN) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants National Bank (Fairmont, MN) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants National Bank (Luverne, MN) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants National Bank (MN) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants State Bank (Brownsdale, MN) 
  • First Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Grand Meadow (MN) 
  • First National Bank of Le Center (MN) 
  • First State Bank (OH) 
  • Fortress Bank (IA) 
  • Lusitania Savings Bank (NJ) 
  • One Detroit Credit Union (MI) 
  • Pacific Postal Credit Union (CA) 
  • Pay by Extend 
  • Ravalli County Federal Credit Union (MT) 
  • Sidney State Bank (MI) 
  • Sixth Avenue Baptist Federal Credit Union (AL) 
  • SubZero / Avaya 
  • The Bank of Star Valley (WY) 
  • Waterfall Bank (FL) 
  • Windward Bank 
  • Xformative Payment Systems (NY)

You’ll notice immediately that many of these banks are smaller, and you might not have even heard of them before. In fact, six First Farmers & Merchants branches are included in the total of 30 new banks added to Google Wallet in March. That’s partly because nearly all of the major U.S. banks are already supported by Google Wallet. In total, more than 5,000 banks in the U.S. work with Google Wallet. 

Still, it’s important for Google to continue working with smaller, local banks to get them into the Google Wallet. Not everyone uses a major bank, so getting these niche institutions onboard is key to making the Google Wallet ubiquitous among Android users. 

Beyond bank cards, Google is actively adding support for new features in the Google Wallet app. It previously announced plans to add more supported U.S. state IDs this year. More recently, Google made it possible to use Apple Wallet passes in the Google Wallet app.

Via: Androidcentral

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