The Galaxy S24 could be the Pixel alternative we’ve been waiting for

What you need to know

  • Certain industry insiders claim that Samsung’s mobile head, TM Roh, sees the Galaxy S24 series as a “game changer” heading into the start of the “AI Phone” era.
  • The series will feature on-device AI models such as Samsung Gauss, ChatGPT, and Google’s Gemini, to complete AI calculations without harming a user’s privacy.
  • Samsung reportedly has its sights on overtaking Apple’s iPhone, however, such AI features could boost it ahead of Google’s AI ventures with the Pixel.

Samsung is expanding further on its ambition of creating an “AI Phone” in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

According to iNews (Korean), industry insiders claim that Samsung’s mobile head, TM Roh, sees the Galaxy S24 series as a “game changer in the era of AI phones.” The company was reportedly hoping to introduce the S24 as the “industry’s first” phone equipped with on-device AI. This means the Galaxy S24 series can complete complex AI calculations without needing to leave the device.

The upcoming flagship is expected to contain the Korean OEM’s own AI model, “Samsung Gauss,” packaged with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and possibly even Google’s recently debuted Gemini model.

So far, Samsung’s new AI capabilities could bring a “real-time interpretation call” feature. Its purpose is for the AI to “understand” what’s happening in the call and deliver it to the user via the bot’s voice or as a transcription.

Gemini is currently limited to the Pixel 8 Pro, but Google states that developers will be able to build with Gemini Nano using AICore, thanks to “a new system capability available in Android 14.” It will also support chips beyond its own Tensor G3, meaning more Android phones could eventually gain access to Gemini Nano.

Sources add Samsung is aware of the iPhone’s strong stance in the smartphone industry, which is why the company has dubbed its next flagship the “AI phone.” An industry insider told iNews, “Samsung Electronics has solidified its position in the smartphone market, but it is still not recognized as innovative as the ‘iPhone’ that pioneered the market.”

The insider adds Roh is allegedly interested in focusing on “whether we can succeed in improving our image in the ‘AI phone’ market and overcome the ‘iPhone’ shock.”

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Samsung detailed its initial Gauss model feature in November as consumers were given a glimpse at what awaits Galaxy AI next year. More importantly, the potential inclusion of Google’s Gemini could mean its smallest form, Nano, would take center stage. Google explained the model was designed for “efficient” on-device tasks, which is exactly what Samsung is seemingly going for.

Additionally, during the company’s December 2023 feature drop, the Pixel 8 series gained Gemini Nano. The AI model brought two features: “Summarize in Recorder” and “Smart Reply in Gboard.” Not only is Samsung interested in finally getting a leg up over Apple, but it could, in turn, become a proper alternative to Google’s Pixel, which has increasingly gained more AI features.

For now, it’s not clear how or if Samsung will implement Gemini, but we’ve seen leaks of AI features that may arrive on the upcoming flagship phones.

Rumors suggest we may see Samsung debut its Galaxy S24 series a little earlier (again) on January 17 in San Jose, California. The devices are rumored to be strengthened by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with a few subtle design changes.

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