Supposed render of Motorola’s Razr Plus 2024 looks familiar

What you need to know

  • A report claims to show exclusive renderings of the upcoming Motorola Razr+ (2024) smartphone. 
  • The clamshell foldable looks very similar to this year’s model but is said to include key internal upgrades.
  • Official launch dates are unknown, but the Razr Plus (2024) could be announced in the first half of this year.

The next-generation Motorola Razr Plus might be on the way, according to a report from MSPowerUser. The publication claims to have an exclusive render of the front and back of the Motorola Razr Plus (2024). While the external design of the Razr Plus (2024) doesn’t look to have changed much, the new model is said to have important internal upgrades.  

Based on the images, it’s possible that the edges of the smartphone are slightly less rounded than they are currently, and the phone appears slightly wider. It’s hard to tell from the renders, and either way, the Razr Plus (2024) is still markedly different from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. 

(Image credit: MSPowerUser)

Samsung’s clamshell foldable has a boxy design with sharp edges, as well as a cover display that is cut off by the rear camera system. By comparison, the Razr Plus has a cover screen that wraps around the rear cameras and fills in the otherwise dead space with display pixels. It doesn’t look like this is changing on the Razr Plus (2024), which would be a good thing. 

But the appeal of the Razr Plus (2024) refresh will undoubtedly be the internal upgrades. Motorola shipped the current generation foldable with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which has since been replaced by multiple Qualcomm chipsets. The Razr Plus (2024) is rumored to get a chip upgrade, and that would allow it to compete better with other flagship clamshell foldables. However, it’s unclear which chip Motorola plans to use.

A newer, more efficient chip could also help improve battery life, which is a weak point for the 2023 model.

Other places Motorola could improve the Razr Plus are in the camera system and the battery, but a lot is unknown at the moment. According to the render, it will still feature a dual-camera setup. 

The Razr Plus (2024) is reportedly codenamed “Glory” by Motorola and has a model number of XT-2453-3.

MSPowerUser says that the Razr Plus (2024) might be announced in the first half of this year, although that doesn’t necessarily mean Motorola’s upcoming clamshell foldable has an impending release. Last year’s Razr Plus was launched in June 2023,  and the lack of major Razr Plus (2024) leaks is another indicator that a release date is still many months away.

Via: Androidcentral

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