State of the Union 2024 live updates | What to expect from Biden’s presidential address

Just hours ahead of the State of the Union address, the House easily passed the “Laken Riley Act” with all Republicans and 37 Democrats.

The legislation, named after the 22-year-old Georgia nursing student who was killed late last month, would require the administration to detain unauthorized migrants who are accused of theft. But the nine-page bill was designed more to deliver a political point than to enact law and had little chance of being taken up in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, far-right Republican of Georgia, was handing out pins with Riley’s name for lawmakers to wear during the address.

However, Biden is also expected to scold Republicans for rejecting a bipartisan Senate proposal on border security last month. It would have overhauled the U.S. asylum system with faster and tougher enforcement, but Donald Trump derided the proposal as insufficient, and it was swiftly dismissed by Republicans.

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