SNP denies affair between two party politicians during lockdown

The SNP has “categorically” denied speculation that two of its politicians broke lockdown rules to engage in an extramarital affair.

It had been claimed in media reports that the alleged infidelity took place in 2020 at a time when Scots were told not to mix with anyone outside their household.

But in a statement on Friday, the party said these claims are untrue.

The party said it was aware of rumours relating to the two politicians early this year.

An SNP spokesperson said: “We are aware of rumours being reported in the media concerning two particular politicians, which first circulated in February.

“No substantiation for these rumours has ever been offered, very simply because these allegations are categorically untrue.”

Anonymous claim

The Express published reports on the allegations about two unnamed parliamentarians on November 29.

The Daily Mail reported that the ex-partner of one of the politicians found text messages between the pair that “wrecked” his marriage.

The unnamed man is quoted saying: “I’ve thought long and hard about going public about this, but I feel I can’t.

“I am fearful about the repercussions if I did, and I have to protect my family at all costs. That’s the most important thing for me.”

Earlier in the day, former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said she thought it was “unlikely that the anonymity surrounding this will hold”.

Fife MP Neale Hanvey, who defected to Alex Salmond’s Alba Party from the SNP, questioned what party bosses knew of the rumours.


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