Second Glenrothes Labour candidate withdraws from selection race amid ‘sexy and satanic’ books row

Labour’s candidate selection process for the Glenrothes seat has been thrown into further doubt with the only remaining hopeful withdrawing from the shortlist.

Fife College lecturer Lynn Davis hoped to become the party’s Westminster candidate at the next general election.

However, the selection has been on hold since Labour axed veteran candidate Altany Craik amid concerns about some books he authored.

Labour councillor Altany Craik was forced to stand down as a candidate.

It’s believed party bosses considered the supernatural horror writer’s works too “sexy and satanic”.

Ms Davis called for Mr Craik to be reinstated last month and talks are still ongoing.

But she has now pulled out after what she termed “an exceptionally challenging” few months.

She announced the move on X on Friday, while thanking party members for their support.

‘There’s nobody left standing’

A Labour insider said the decision had heightened fears Labour could “parachute” in a candidate who had been rejected elsewhere.

And he also expressed concerns about the ongoing delay to the process.

He said: “Now there’s nobody left standing for Labour in Glenrothes and Mid Fife and the party will need to find someone else.

“We still don’t know what’s going to happen with Altany, although he has a meeting with the party next week.

“That will go over the reasons why he’s not being allowed to stand.

“They haven’t even set a date to pick a candidate yet.

“What happens if Rishi Sunak calls a general election tomorrow?”

‘Labour ‘could win’ Glenrothes and Mid Fife seat

Veteran Glenrothes councillor Altany Craik is said to be popular with Labour members in Fife.

Many have been left reeling at the way he has been treated.

And the insider claimed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was among those who had been in touch to offer condolences.

Members previously expressed concerns that Glenrothes and Mid Fife would be an attractive seat for members who failed the selection process elsewhere.

“It’s a seat we could win,” they said.

“The problem for us is they could be parachuted in with no connection to the area or understanding of the issues that matter.”


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