Scots Lib Dem leader says he will oust SNP as third largest party at Westminster

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton says his party will oust the SNP as the third largest group at Westminster.

In an interview with The Stooshie – The Courier’s politics podcast – Mr Cole-Hamilton also said “fair minded” voters would accept why government is asking energy companies to pay their “fair share”.

He added: “The SNP have claimed that they don’t support that. I don’t understand how they square that with their Green partners.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said he thinks the SNP are simply saying what voters want to hear. Image: PA

“The SNP are trying to suggest that the funding settlement is not adequate as it is. I don’t understand how their sums can stack up considering the UK government have priced in this extension to the windfall tax into their financial work.

“How the SNP can square that financial conundrum?

“I regret to say, I rather suspect this is Humza Yousaf telling people in the north east in seats he’s worried about losing what he thinks they want to hear.”

But SNP Caithness, Sutherland & Ross, Lucy Beattie, said it would come as “no surprise” that the Liberal Democrats were defending Westminster policies.

She said: “While the Westminster parties abandon Scotland, the SNP is proud to stand up for Scotland. Here in the North Highlands, for example, we desperately need to ensure our region can access the fiscal and economic levers it needs to grow our prosperity.

“Only a vote for the SNP is vote to stand up for Scotland, defend Scotland’s interests, and offer people the choice of a better future with independence.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton also set out how he believes key seats like North East Fife will help his party oust the SNP as the third largest party in Westminster.

The status affords the leader of party with the third highest number of MPs the right to grill the Prime Minister each week.

Mr Cole-Hamilton told The Stooshie that his party would not help a minority Conservative Party into government like they did in 2010.

Alex Cole-Hamilton also discussed:

  • His relationship with UK party leader Ed Davy, and how he can influence the party
  • How voters can back his party to send a message to the UK and Scottish governments
  • His relationship with the Labour Party, and how we works with their MSPs in Holyrood

Listen to our interview with Alex Cole-Hamilton on The Stooshie here.


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