Score $3,000 off this massive 98-inch smart TV during Best Buy’s Super Bowl TV sale

Best Buy has been dropping a lot of great Super Bowl smart TV deals lately, but one particularly compelling discount has just caught my eye. Pick up the massive 98-inch Class S5 Series 4K UHD TV by TCL and you’ll instantly save a whopping $3,000 on your purchase, no strings attached and no eligibility requirements whatsoever. 

That’s a 60% discount on a huge Android TV that delivers ultra crisp and smooth visuals thanks to a 120Hz refresh rate and an AI-powered “Deep Learning” processor with 4K upscaling. You can even skip buying one of the best soundbars, as the TV comes complete with a built-in subwoofer and DTS Virtual:X audio processing. Obviously, a 98-inch set is a pretty big purchase (so to speak), but if that’s your sweet spot, this Super Bowl TV deal is going to be tough to beat.  

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Via: Androidcentral

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