Samsung’s next Galaxy Buds could have on-device AI for real-time translation

What you need to know

  • The integration of on-device AI in devices like earphones and smartphones could become a reality, as suggested by reports about Samsung incorporating it into the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, with its potential for real-time language translation through on-device AI, represents a notable advancement that may reshape how language interpretation is approached.
  • Samsung supposedly plans to unveil the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro in the latter part of 2024.

Samsung is reportedly developing some fancy Galaxy Buds with their very own on-device AI capabilities. 

South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper reports that the next-generation Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are expected to hit the shelves in the latter part of 2024 with native AI for various functions, including real-time translations (via SamMobile). 

Google’s Pixel Buds already have a similar feature in the form of Live Translate. However, Google’s Live Translate needs the internet to do its task, meaning it doesn’t have the capability for offline translations.

On the flip side, Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Buds will reportedly serve up translations without needing the internet or shipping your conversations off to the cloud.

As per the rumor mill, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro could further outshine the competition by pulling off real-time face-to-face conversation translations.

All of this reinforces expectations that Samsung’s got its eyes set on AI capabilities for next year’s hardware lineup. The company is not holding back, already flaunting the Galaxy S24 as the ultimate “AI phone.” Samsung has already confirmed that its next flagship series will be rocking a real-time language translation feature for voice calls.

A recent sneak peek into One UI 6.1 also spilled the tea on loads of fresh AI goodies for the Galaxy S24 series. They include live call translations fueled by AI. 

And, if the rumors are true, these earbuds could be your ticket to real-time translations during video calls, which today’s top wireless earbuds lack.

Via: Androidcentral

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