Samsung Galaxy Ring could tell you what to have for dinner

What you need to know

  • Samsung Galaxy Ring may offer customized diet advice for users.
  • The Ring is rumored to integrate with Samsung Food to offer a meal planning service.
  • Meal recommendations could be based on the health information collected by the Galaxy Ring.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s first foray into the smart ring market. And, after providing a close-up look at the Galaxy Ring at MWC, expectations are high for when it finally arrives later in 2024. Now, it looks as though the Galaxy Ring will provide diet and nutrition advice that could put it ahead of its competitors in this growing sector.

A report from the Korean publication Chosun Biz (via Android Authority) suggests that the Galaxy Ring will work in tandem with Samsung Food to provide wearers with customized diet advice. This includes “optimized recipes and diets based on information such as calorie consumption and body mass index”.

Samsung Food was launched back in 2019 and is currently available in 8 languages across 104 countries. The AI-driven service provides users with thousands of recipes and can amend those recipes to suit individual dietary requirements. It can also analyze the contents of a Galaxy Ring user’s fridge to make meal recommendations. It could (in theory) send the recipe to their smart Samsung oven, which could automatically set the cooking time and temperature as required. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

The report goes on to suggest that the Galaxy Ring and Samsung Food could go one step further by integrating with Samsung’s e-food food delivery service (currently only available in South Korea), which could help users order any missing ingredients. Chosun Biz quotes an anonymous commentator who says that by doing this, “Samsung Electronics will be able to link and expand the food delivery business to the world.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Samsung has tried to create this type of service. Samsung has been trying a food recommendation service based on data from some Galaxy Watch wearers in South Korea, so the software evidently already exists for this. Whether it would persuade Galaxy Ring wearers to switch all their Samsung appliances is another question, however.

The Galaxy Ring is expected to be released in the summer, with an official unveiling at July’s Unpacked event highly anticipated. 

Via: Androidcentral

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