Pixel Watch update for February 2024 starts rolling out

What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out the February 2024 update to Pixel Watch owners, and it includes new security patches.
  • The rollout is starting now, but will extend over the next week based on carrier and device models.
  • On the same day, Google issued its February 2024 update for Pixel phones. 

Google is starting to roll out the February 2024 update to Pixel Watch devices, and it includes security patches, according to the update’s release notes. The company says that the update will reach all users over the next week, and the order of the rollout depends on both carrier and device model.

Since the update includes security fixes, you’ll want to apply it to your first or second-generation Pixel Watch as soon as possible. You can check if your Pixel Watch has received the update by opening the Settings app on your watch. Then, navigate to the System page and find Software updates. The February 2024 update will either begin downloading automatically, or you’ll see a Your watch is up to date page instead. 

The update can be installed on all four Pixel Watch models, including the Pixel Watch (GPS), Pixel Watch (GPS + LTE), Pixel Watch 2 (GPS), and Pixel Watch 2 (GPS + LTE). As mentioned above, if you have an LTE model, your carrier might play a role when you see the update show up. 

February is the third straight month that Google has shipped an update to all Pixel Watch devices, following a November update that only applied to the Pixel Watch 2 (LTE) configuration.

There are no known new feature additions or changes included in the February 2024 update for the Pixel Watch. The same was true of last month’s Pixel Watch update as well. Instead, both updates just included security patches. We won’t know the content of the security fixes for a while because Google delays the release of that information to give users time to update first.

In fact, we’re still waiting to find out what bugs and security flaws were patched in the January 2024 update.

If your watch isn’t showing the update yet, there’s something that you can try. After the Your watch is up to date page loads, tap the watch icon at the top of the screen. This will force the page to refresh, and the update will begin to download, given it’s available for your device. We have a full guide on Pixel Watch updates if you’re having trouble.

Also, on Monday, Google released the February 2024 update for Pixel phones, which included bug fixes and security patches.

Via: Androidcentral

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