Oura sells its smart ring on Amazon as it prepares for Samsung’s debut

What you need to know

  • Oura, a smart ring maker, has started selling its range of devices and accessories on Amazon.
  • Oura sees this move as a way to expand its retail presence and get out there early, as it foresees new competition.
  • Oura’s CEO recently discussed Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring and stated that its presence will be “positive” and provide “validation” for the wearable category.

Oura’s smart rings are on sale on Amazon, and the company states they are all part of a “retail expansion.”

According to CNBC, Oura’s collection of smart rings went on sale on Amazon on Thursday (Mar. 7) alongside a few accessories. The publication spoke with Oura’s chief marketing officer, Doug Sweeny, who said, “Amazon is a natural step for us. It’s an enormous ecosystem, and in terms of product reviews and search, it’s really important.”

Previously, Oura sold its range of products directly through its website before shipping devices to users from its warehouse. Placing its devices on Amazon is also said to open Oura up to a “very, very wide demographic of people” who’re interested in their health and what to be “proactive” about it.

However, the other side of this is competition — and Oura is looking at Samsung.

Sweeny stated in his interview that Oura views Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring as a “positive thing.” He added the Korean tech giant’s pending entry gives them “validation” in the smart ring space and that Oura “welcomes” the added competition.

The other side of its competitive scope is Apple, which has continued to nudge its smartwatch into a health-focused spotlight.

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The Oura Ring Gen 3 is big health-specific data in a small package, and the company had some words to say about Samsung’s version. Oura CEO Tom Hale stated the brand is “invested relentlessly” in designing a smart ring that gives every user a voice. Hale then cited the multitude of patents Oura has amassed under its belt for the smaller smart ring form factor.

Oura stood its ground against Samsung’s coming threat, and Hale added that the company would strive harder for its consumers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring was previously rumored to launch during the second half of 2024. If true, consumers may see the device revealed alongside the Korean OEM’s Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6. The ring could also feature a concave design, as Samsung looks to weave in the required health and fitness sensors beneath the surface.

Another rumor suggests the device will feature almost 10 days of battery life.

Via: Androidcentral

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