One UI 6.1 lets users hide the gesture navigation bar with this workaround

What you need to know

  • New findings from Mishaal Rahman give users what to expect from the upcoming One UI 6.1 update.
  • Galaxy S24 users can hide the gesture bar from the display settings in the One UI 6.1.
  • Good lock apps’ NavStar gets a new update, further giving users to hide the gesture bar.

Samsung’s latest One UI 6.1 brings a much-needed tweak for Galaxy devices: the ability to hide the popular gesture bar.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman notes that the gesture bar sitting right at the bottom of the screen and indicating where to swipe to the home screen or switch between apps — can now be hidden.

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The ability has been spotted on the latest Galaxy S24 running on One UI 6.1. The process includes specific steps that can hide the gesture bar. As part of the One UI 6.1, Samsung is rolling out an update to NavStar, the company’s Good Lock App, which usually allows users to tweak certain settings on their Galaxy devices.

The NavStar update includes a new toggle dubbed “Enable extra gesture settings” that needs to be enabled to hide the gesture bar. After enabling it, users can navigate to Display> Navigation bar> More options> Gesture hint. Turning on the Gesture hint toggle will allow users to hide the navigation gesture bar altogether and give them more screen real estate to play around with.

Hiding the gesture bar, however, doesn’t turn off the navigation features, and users will still be able to operate them as before. Rahman has further shared the before and after screenshots of the settings in the enabled and disabled states, which gives the phone’s screen a much cleaner and clearer look after the new update.

Rahman has further confirmed that the newly announced Google’s Circle to Search works well even after hiding the gesture bar. The new feature was seemingly a long-term feedback/complaint from users to Samsung, which the company has taken care of with the One UI 6.1, and it should likely reach prominent Samsung devices in the near future.

Via: Androidcentral

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