New Galaxy S24 drop tests are raising some eyebrows with concerning results

What you need to know

  • Allstate Protection Plans’ latest drop tests reveal that the Galaxy S24 series might not be as resilient as expected when it comes to handling drops and impacts.
  • The standard Galaxy S24 became unusable after a single face-down drop and the S24 Plus failed after a single drop on both front and back.
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra, despite its premium materials, shattered after just one drop from the front and back, indicating potential weaknesses in its durability.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might not be a tank like its predecessor, even with its fancy titanium frame and glass upgrades.

According to the latest drop tests conducted by Allstate Protection Plans, the Galaxy S24 series isn’t foolproof against human clumsiness. It turns out that the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra might not be as tough as you expected.

Samsung hyped up the Galaxy S24 series with its rugged build and Corning Gorilla Armor display. But it seems the new lineup isn’t indestructible, and it might be more break-prone than the Galaxy S23 series.

Allstate did its usual rounds of breakability tests, where a robot drops phones from a set height and checks the damage. The company tossed each model off a six-foot-high sidewalk, making sure to drop them flat on both the front and back. It’s basically the same way the insurance company checked the Galaxy S23 series last year.

Based on the test, it looks like the S24 series didn’t handle drops well. The standard model, with materials like the S23, took a hit, becoming unusable after just one face-down fall. As for the S24 Plus, it also bit the dust after a single drop, both on the front and back.

The real head-scratcher was the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Even with its fancy new titanium frame and upgraded glass materials, it shattered after just one drop from the front and back.

All three S24 models took a beating in the shatter department, with broken glass sticking out, some glass missing, and loose pieces. The backsides didn’t escape unscathed either, scoring broken glass and roughed-up camera housings. In the case of the Galaxy S24 Plus, a cracked camera lens.

It turns out the Galaxy S24 phones shattered even more than the S23 series. Last year, the S23 series went through the same six-foot drop, twice on the front and back. The S23 stopped functioning after one face-down drop, but the S23 Plus and Ultra fared well. The S23 Ultra, in particular, only suffered a few dings on the display and cameras.

The test results throw a bit of shade, hinting that this year’s Galaxy flagship phones might be a tad more delicate than their predecessors. But Allstate has a simple and clear solution: slap on any of the best Galaxy S24 cases.

Via: Androidcentral

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