Man experiencing severe headaches for 5 months discovers chopsticks in his brain


A 35-year-old man in Vietnam who experienced severe headaches for five months was shocked to discover a pair of chopsticks lodged in his skull.

The shocking discovery: On Nov. 25, the man sought medical help at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi, where he complained of severe headaches, along with fluid discharge and loss.

CT scans revealed tension pneumocephalus, a “very rare” and potentially life-threatening condition causing increased intracranial pressure. Doctors, led by Dr. Nguyen Van Man, found that the source of the issue was a pair of chopsticks that had penetrated his nose and entered his brain.

A trip down memory lane: The unnamed patient recalled being involved in a fight five months earlier when he was drinking. Although his memory was hazy, he vaguely remembered being stabbed in the face, possibly with the chopsticks. But when he visited the hospital after the altercation, medical professionals found no chopsticks or irregularities in his nose. Regardless, the patient suspected that the utensils were lodged in his nose during the fight and had remained undiscovered in his skull.

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Patient’s condition: Fortunately, doctors successfully removed the chopsticks through endoscopic surgery and sealed a fistula in his brain. The patient is reportedly in stable condition, awaiting discharge from the hospital.

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