Live updates: Supreme Court to examine abortion access in mifepristone case

A central dispute in this case is whether the Food and Drug Administration overlooked serious safety problems with mifepristone when the agency made it easier to get.

In legal briefs, medical professionals call it “among the safest medications” ever approved by the FDA. But the Christian conservative group suing the agency attributes “tens of thousands” of “emergency complications” to the drug.

FILE – A patient prepares to take the first of two combination pills, mifepristone, for a medication abortion during a visit to a clinic in Kansas City, Kan., on, Oct. 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

The FDA has repeatedly affirmed the drug’s safety and eased restrictions, eventually allowing the pill to be sent through the mail.

Abortion opponents say the more lax restrictions led to more complications. OB-GYNs say a tiny fraction of patients suffer serious adverse events after taking mifepristone. Medical organizations supporting mifepristone’s availability say the drug’s safety — given the rate of deaths — compares to ibuprofen, which more than 30 million Americans take in any given day.

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