Labour’s Anas Sarwar condemns racist graffiti near Humza Yousaf’s Dundee home

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar condemned racist graffiti aimed at Humza Yousaf near his home in Broughty Ferry.

The abuse – which included two P-word slurs – was daubed on walls and fences in Hamilton Street, near where the first minister lives with his family.

It is believed the exteriors of at least three homes were graffitied. The offensive material has since been removed by the council.

Asked about the incident, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said all politicians should unite in tackling hate.

He told The Courier: “I was appalled to see the racist and Islamophobic graffiti targeting Humza Yousaf.

The abuse, including P-word slurs, was graffitied onto properties in Hamilton Street, Broughty Ferry.

“Across political parties, there are lots of issues that we will disagree on, that we will vehemently argue over and campaign hard for and against.

“But one issue that should unite us all, across all parties, is challenging prejudice and hate in all its forms.

“We all have a shared interest in making Scotland a fairer and more tolerant nation – that must be a fight for all of us.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Willie Rennie also hit out at the “aggressive” vandalism.

‘I can’t imagine what Humza Yousaf and his family must feel like’

The North East Fife MSP said: “I can’t imagine what Humza Yousaf and his family must feel like with such aggressive graffiti daubed near their home.

“That’s why it’s important that the police find whoever is responsible and why the culprits think twice before committing similar acts again.”

Meanwhile, a Scottish Conservative spokesman said: “We unequivocally condemn this horrendous racist abuse aimed at the First Minister which has no place in our society.”

The first minister has spoken out about the impact the graffiti had on him and his young family after it was revealed by The Courier.

The first minister said shielding his family from bigotry was difficult when it occurred so close to home. Image: PA

He said: “I do my best to shield my children from the racism and Islamophobia I face on a regular basis.

“That becomes increasingly difficult when racist graffiti targeting me appears near our family home.

“A reminder of why we must, collectively, take a zero-tolerance approach to hatred.”


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