Humza Yousaf ramps up SNP’s election campaign at Perth party event

Humza Yousaf admitted the next Westminster election will “not be easy” as he ramped up the SNP’s election campaign at a party event in Perth.

The first minister claimed most seats in Scotland will be a direct battle between the SNP and Tories, even though Labour is poised to make significant gains.

He insisted his party can make “history” when voters go to the polls by getting rid of the country’s six Tory MPs.

“In this election, we have the chance to finally make Scotland Tory free for the first time in almost a quarter of a century,” he said.

“Most seats across Scotland are a straight fight between the SNP and the Tories.

“Let us resolve, here and now, to win each and every one of those Tory seats.”

The SNP leader insisted activists and campaigners cannot rest on their laurels if his party hopes to repeat past successes at Westminster.

The nationalists have repeatedly been unsuccessful in attempts to secure an independence referendum and support has slumped.

SNP MP John Nicolson.

Speaking to The Courier, Perthshire SNP MP John Nicolson told us the party had made remarkable strides despite recent difficulties.

He told us: “I don’t get the sense there’s a deflated mood.

“I joined the party when I was 16.

“If someone had told me when I was 16 we’d be consistently polling 50% or above with the strength of support that independence has among young people, I’d have thought it was extraordinary.

‘Strong position’

“If you see things with a slightly greater sweep of recent history, we’re in a very strong position.”

No date has been confirmed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak yet for the next general election.

The Tory leader has ruled out holding a national poll in May.

Mr Yousaf’s speech in Perth came as it emerged senior party figures want the £100,000 Fife motorhome seized by police last year to be returned.

Dundee-born Westminster leader Stephen Flynn joked the campervan could be used by Scotland fans at the Euros in Germany this summer.


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