High rates of kids in care among parents who inject drugs

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There are high rates of involvement of child protection services and child removal to out-of-home-care among parents who inject drugs, according to an Australian study. The study of people who inject drugs found that women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, parents who have experienced assault, parents of multiple children and parents who were themselves removed as children were all at higher risk of having a child removed. The researchers say there is a need for targeted health and social services, that are gender and culturally responsive, in addition to systems-level interventions addressing social inequities, such as housing, to support parents to care for their children.

Journal/conference: Drug and Alcohol Review

Link to research (DOI): 10.1111/dar.13798

Organisation/s: Burnet Institute, Monash University, Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney, National Drug Research Institute (NDRI), Curtin University

Funder: Colonial Foundation; National Health and
Medical Research Council, Grant/Award
Numbers: 1126090, 545891; Gilead
Sciences; AbbVie; Victorian Operational
Infrastructure Fund


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