Google’s Gboard makes venting frustrations faster and simpler

What you need to know

  • Users can now quickly report Gboard glitches with a simple tap using the “Quality Bug Report” shortcut.
  • The feature is currently rolling out in the latest Gboard beta release for various Android phone models, indicating a broader availability soon.
  • Previously, reporting bugs required navigating through settings, but now it’s just two taps or a single press with the shortcut.

You can now snitch on annoying Gboard glitches with a super quick tap.

The latest addition to Google’s keyboard app is a new “Quality Bug Report” shortcut, allowing users to give feedback directly to the Gboard team more easily than before, as first reported by 9to5Google.

This new feature is now being rolled out in the latest Gboard beta release for various Android phone models, including the Pixel phones, the Galaxy S22 series or later, and even Chinese models like the recently launched Infinix Note 40 series. This suggests a wider rollout, and it should be available for everyone soon.

Before, reporting bugs meant navigating through Gboard settings to reach Help & feedback, then Send feedback. Now, it’ll only require two taps by default, or even quicker with a single press if you drag “Quality Bug Report” to the shortcuts toolbar.

If you’re not part of the beta program but still want to report an issue or suggest something to Google about Gboard, you’ll have to go through the aforementioned steps.

Once this beta feature goes public, the entire process will speed up for everyone. When you submit a report, the system will automatically add “Quality bug report:” to the start of your feedback. This handy tag helps Google’s team quickly sift through and tackle user-raised issues.

The first time you try to submit feedback, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to grant Google Play services access to all device logs. If you’re okay with it, just tap “Allow one-time access.”

Gboard keeps getting better, and the latest addition proves it. More recently, Gboard also introduced a useful OCR feature called Scan Text. When you use it, your camera opens. At the bottom center, you’ll see a button along with the tagline, “Take a photo of words to scan.”

Via: Androidcentral

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