Google to begin testing its Tensor G5 chip ahead of TSMC switch for Pixel 10

What you need to know

  • A report states Google has handed over its “self-developed” chip to the Taiwanese company KYEC in preparation for its testing.
  • The chip is expected to be the Tensor G5, which the publication states should begin testing “in the middle of the year.”
  • The Tensor G5, powering the Pixel 10, is the beginning of Google’s departure from Samsung Semiconductors as it seeks full authority over its chip creation.

Google is reportedly looking to get a head start on testing for its new, fully custom in-house Tensor ship.

According to Economic Daily (Taiwanese), Google has handed a “self-developed” Tensor chip over to KYEC in Taiwan (via 9to5Google). The company has reportedly declined to comment on the extent of its work with Google, however, sources close to the matter state the latter has purchased machinery to prepare.

Testing for the new in-house Google chip isn’t expected to begin until “the middle of this year.” The publication also suggests the company’s new chip will focus on AI — which isn’t surprising.

While not stated explicitly, this “self-developed” chip is most likely the Tensor G5. In July 2023, it was reported that Google was looking to part ways with Samsung Semiconductors in favor of TSMC to take the torch in Tensor chip creation. The Tensor G5, codename “Laguna,” is said to be built on a 3nm process with its sights set on a 2025 release.

Parting with Samsung would give Google full agency over its Tensor chip series. The company could plug more efficiency and modern performance enhancements into its 2025 Tensor chip as it wouldn’t have to rely on Samsung’s Exynos chip foundation, which falls behind Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon series.

For now, Google will continue to work with Samsung to create the Tensor G4 chip poised to arrive in the Pixel 9 series. It was reported in October that Google contacted Samsung Electronics to use its 4nm process for the upcoming 2024 chip.

It won’t be a leap, however, the G4 should see “slight” upgrades over the G3 inside the Pixel 8 series.

The same technology Google is looking to utilize this year is the same found within the Exynos 2400 SoC. Samsung claims the chip shows a “1.7x increase in CPU performance and a remarkable 14.7x boost in AI performance.”

Via: Androidcentral

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