Google Bard’s rebranding to Gemini might just be around the corner

What you need to know

  • Developer Dylan Roussel has leaked upcoming updates for Google Bard, including the renaming to Gemini, set for release on February 7.
  • Gemini, which happens to be the same AI model behind Bard, may have a dedicated Android app as well.
  • A new paid subscription tier called Gemini Advanced is also on the horizon, aligning Google with OpenAI in offering both free and premium AI bot services.

Google Bard is apparently undergoing a rebranding and will soon be known as Gemini, according to a new leak.

Dylan Roussel, a developer, seems to have stumbled upon a list of updates for Google Bard and posted it on X (formerly Twitter). The changelog is all set for release on Wednesday, February 7.

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As per the changelog, Google is swapping out the name Bard for Gemini. This makes sense since Gemini is the AI model behind Bard. Google unveiled this new powerhouse at the end of 2023 and has been sprinkling it into various products, Bard included.

Google also seems to be preparing a paid tier called Gemini Advanced, joining the ranks of OpenAI with both free and premium AI bot services. The Advanced tier was announced in December 2023, with the search giant boasting that it’s powered by “Gemini Ultra,” the crème de la crème of Google’s models.

We’ve contacted Google for a statement and will update this article when we hear back.

According to the changelog, with Gemini Advanced, you get access to the Ultra 1.0 model of Gemini, which excels at hardcore tasks like coding, logical reasoning, tricky instructions, and creative collaboration. Starting off in over 150 countries, Advanced will be optimized for the English language from the get-go.

The changelog also reveals that Gemini Advanced is set to gain additional features, such as “expanded multi-modal capabilities,” advanced coding support, and the power to upload and dive deep into files, documents, and more. Gemini is spreading its wings to Canada in this release, too. The service hasn’t been available in that country since its launch.

(Image credit: Dylan Roussel / X)

A Gemini app for Android is also in the works, and Google’s hyping it up as a game-changer with the ability to amp up your learning, help you pen thank-you notes, and even assist in event planning. Plus, Gemini’s set to be baked into your favorite Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Google’s changelog notes that the app will only be up for grabs on select devices. As for language lovers, Gemini will expand support for Japanese, Korean, and English worldwide, except for the UK, Switzerland, European Economic Area countries, and their associated territories. But more countries and languages are getting the Gemini treatment soon.

If you’re using an iOS device, Google says you might get a taste of Gemini through the Google app for iOS. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but it looks like we’re gearing up for a potentially epic week in the world of Google’s AI initiatives.

Via: Androidcentral

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