Eljamel book removed by Dundee University library after patient backlash but still being sold on Amazon

A book written by disgraced surgeon Sam Eljamel has been removed from Dundee University’s medical library after a backlash from patients – but it can still be found by students elsewhere and purchased online.

Victims of the former NHS Tayside doctor were “horrified” to discover his academic work could still be accessed.

A search on Dundee University’s website showed the title, called Problems Based Neurosurgery, remained available in hard copy at Ninewells Hospital’s medical library.

That’s despite Eljamel being suspended by NHS Tayside more than a decade ago after it emerged he had been repeatedly harming patients under his care.

Dundee University bosses told us they “fully understand” the concerns of Eljamel’s victims and said the book would be taken off shelves immediately.

Eljamel’s book was still on the shelves for students to access.

Glenrothes victim Theresa Mallett, who heckled First Minister Humza Yousaf over the scandal at a public meeting last year, said: “I’m absolutely horrified. Why is it there when all this has been happening?

“We know what he’s like. The first thing they should have done was remove any trace of him. It’s traumatic to see him come up again and again.”


Eljamel regularly taught at Dundee University when he was employed by NHS Tayside, and was an honorary professor.

His links with the campus were severed after his butchery became public knowledge.

But he later falsely claimed to be representing the university at an international conference.

The book was still available at the university’s medical library, in Ninewells Hospital. Image: Kim Cessford/DC Thomson

A search reveals his book on neurosurgery is also available both in print and online at St Andrews University.

The historic institution emphasised it has more than 1.5 million books, Eljamel’s title was not on any reading lists for medical students.

Copies of Eljamel’s work are also available online for trainee doctors at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen University.

Kinross mum Jules Rose, a leading campaigner, said: “For this book to have remained readily available in multiple locations is a complete slap in the face for all harmed patients.

“It’s utterly insensitive.”

The disgraced surgeon’s book, published by World Scientific, can be bought on Amazon as well.

A hardcover version of the work currently costs more than £80, while a paperback version can be obtained at the moment for just under £50.

Eljamel’s victims questioned if he was continuing to profit from the book despite being widely discredited as a doctor.

‘Treated like a king’

His actions were so damaging that First Minister Humza Yousaf ordered a full public inquiry into the fiasco, as revealed by The Courier last September.

The first photos of the rogue doctor in four years were published earlier this week as he continues to work in home country Libya.

Glenrothes grandmother Theresa Mallett.

Ms Mallett said: “Over there, he’s getting treated like a king.

“He’s making money, while so many of us never worked again after we were operated on.

“We’ve got none of that income. We’ve struggled. He’s profiteering off of the book. He doesn’t give a damn.”

World Scientific was contacted by The Courier.

‘Collections do not imply an endorsement’

A Dundee University spokesperson said: “We are grateful that this has been pointed out to us, and fully understand the concerns raised.

“The School of Medicine has many hundreds of textbooks available online and in the library, covering all aspects of medical education.

“We will withdraw this textbook from the collection with immediate effect.”

A spokesperson for St Andrews University said: “The University of St Andrews currently has more than 1.5 million items on open shelves.

“Our Library Collections policies are explicit that material being in our collections does not imply endorsement of the content by the University or its Libraries.

“Sam Eljamel’s book is not on any current student reading lists.”

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