Disgraced NHS Tayside surgeon Eljamel pictured for first time in four years

Disgraced former NHS Tayside surgeon Sam Eljamel is pictured for the first time in four years as he continues to operate in home country Libya.

New photos show the rogue doctor – who repeatedly butchered patients in Dundee – smiling at his desk while working at Al Nahda hospital in the city of Misrata.

In February 2020, The Courier revealed shamed Eljamel was back at work at a number of medical practices in the city after fleeing Scotland.

The neurosurgeon regularly features in promotional material for Al Nahda hospital, where he advertised as being available on a daily basis for patients.

Eljamel talks up his time spent working in Britain and his links to the UK, even though he removed himself from the General Medical Council’s register before leaving the country.

The hospital promotes him as a consultant for neurosurgery and an expert in chronic pain.

Eljamel sitting at his desk in a Libyan hospital.

Victims of the shamed doctor told how they fear his patients in Libya will be forced to endure the same pain and suffering they have spent years living with.

Lead campaigner Pat Kelly said: “I am extremely angry that this man can simply walk out of the UK after doing what he did to me and many others.

“If he harms one single patient, then it is a tragedy that should never have been allowed to happen.”

Lead Eljamel campaigner Jules Rose. Image: Mhairi Edwards/DC Thomson

Jules Rose, another campaigner harmed by Eljamel, said: “Knowing the devastation that he caused and inflicted on victims in the UK, it is abundantly clear he will continue his butchery in Libya.

“How can we just accept this? It is a trauma that I find extremely difficult to live with.”

The disgraced medic has regularly lied about or exaggerated his credentials in the past.

He bizarrely paid for a fake “Man of the Year” award to boost his CV, and falsely claimed on his website he had obtained a specialist medical degree from the United States.

First Minister Humza Yousaf ordered a public inquiry into the Eljamel scandal last September, finally relenting to the demands of campaigners.

Eljamel regularly features in promotional material.

That sparked questions over whether Eljamel could face extradition back to the UK to answer for his actions.

But police officers who are currently investigating the neurosurgeon’s butchery fear he will never be forced to come back.

Mid Scotland and Fife Tory MSP Liz Smith said: “The victims of Eljamel’s botched procedures have gone through a decade of pain.

“They will be dumbfounded, as I am, that Eljamel is some sort of poster boy for Libyan brain surgery.

“He has trotted the globe, despite his tarnished reputation, and operated on an untold number of patients.”


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