Dan Peña set to host Angus town hall meeting

Dan Peña shares exclusive details about a significant event that is set to shape the future of Angus and Scotland as a whole.

Renowned entrepreneur and business magnate Dan Peña, a 39-year resident of Guthrie, is hosting a town hall meeting in Angus where he will address critical issues affecting the community and share his vision for the future.

In this informative session, Mr. Peña will delve into the current state of Scotland, drawing reference from his recent thought-provoking ‘Dan Told You So’ social media posts about the SNP (Scottish National Party) and other perceived political failures in Scottish politics.

Key topics to be discussed:

Political landscape of Scotland

Gain insights into Mr. Peña’s views on the current political climate, with a particular focus on the SNP and other noteworthy political developments.

Vision for Angus

Discover Mr. Peña’s ambitious plans to run for political office as an independent and learn how he envisions ‘Making Angus Great Again’.

Dan Peña said: “Your participation and engagement are crucial as we collectively shape the future of our beloved region.”

Interactive Q&A

A unique opportunity for you to voice your concerns, ask questions and actively contribute to the dialogue. Your perspective matters and this town hall meeting is designed to be an open forum for constructive discussion and a forensic examination of what has, and has not been, achieved by the SNP since they came to power in 2007.

In an open letter, Dan Peña writes:

This event aims to empower you, the voters of Angus, with the information needed to make informed decisions about the future of our community. Your presence and engagement in this town hall meeting will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Angus.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the exact timing of the event. Mark your calendars as this is an opportunity to be part of a conversation that transcends traditional political discourse.

We look forward to your participation and encourage you to spread the word to ensure a diverse and engaged audience.


Dan Peña

Laird of Guthrie Castle and political aspirant

Who is Dan Peña?

Born on August 10 1945, Peña is a prominent entrepreneur in the US and UK known for his adept business turnarounds and motivational speaking. Initially successful in the oil industry, he transitioned to coaching, sharing his direct advice and emphasizing extreme ownership and audacious goals. He has helped create over a million millionaires and provided countless jobs around the world throughout the years.

Peña has been a proud resident of Guthrie Castle since 1984.

Peña has lived in Guthrie Castle for nearly four decades.

In October 2021, he became a UK citizen, expanding his influence into politics. This dual citizenship signifies his commitment to Angus, Scotland. The move underscores his dedication to a broader international perspective and aligns with his desire to bring his no-nonsense leadership approach beyond business.

Dan Peña’s unfiltered communication has made him both admired and criticized. Regardless, his impact on business and motivation is undeniable and his recent foray into politics adds another dimension to his multifaceted persona.

Political agenda:

  • Make the High Streets look as pristine as before
  • Pensioners to be better taken care of
  • Veterans to be better taken care of
  • Less DOLE/free money to those that can still work
  • Making migration work for both sides
  • Alleviate the drug problem in communities
Dan Peña will host a town hall meeting at his home, Guthrie Castle.

Dan Peña town hall meeting

Date: January 27, 2024


6:30pm Viewing political materials and Coffee

7:15pm Dan Peña’s presentation

8:00pm Q & A

Location: Guthrie Castle (Pavilion), Guthrie, by Forfar, Angus, DD8 2TP

This event is free of charge and there is no registration required.

For more information, visit Dan Peña’s website or call 01241 828 691.

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