Check out all the new Quest games on this week’s Ruff Talk VR Gaming Showcase

What you need to know

  • The Ruff Talk VR Gaming Showcase takes place on Friday, February 2 at 1 PM ET on YouTube.
  • We’re expecting announcements from big names in VR like Schell Games, Combat Waffle Studios, Sinn Studio, Walkabout Mini Golf, and more.
  • The gaming showcase is scheduled to last one full hour and is hosted by the Ruff Talk VR podcast father/son duo.

The Holidays have come and gone and while that usually means a lull in gaming releases, the Meta Quest has been going strong with a huge list of upcoming Meta Quest games. We expect to add quite a few more to that list when the one-hour-long Ruff Talk VR Gaming Showcase finishes airing on YouTube.

The first Ruff Talk VR Gaming Showcase will go live at 1 PM ET on Friday, February 2, 2024. As you might expect if you’re a listener to the Ruff Talk VR podcast, the showcase is co-hosted by Dscruffles and Stratus, the father and son duo from the podcast. You can find the YouTube link embedded below so you can tap that bell to be notified when the showcase is about to begin.

While Schell Games is the premiere sponsor of the show — that’s the developers of Among Us VR, the I Expect You To Die series, and more classic VR titles — the Ruff Talk duo says that we should also expect plenty of announcements from Beyond Frames, Combat Waffle Studios, Field of Vision, Impact Reality XR, Sinn Studio, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Thomas Van Bouwel, to name a few.

DScruffles told me that viewers should expect “primarily new, exclusive trailers” to air on the showcase. Additionally, some existing trailers will also be shown to ensure that there’s “something for everyone” during the showcase.

Schell Games has already teased a new trailer for Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, which will air during the showcase. The Ghosts of Tabor developers, Combat Waffle Studios, will also be present, potentially showcasing the next update for the popular extraction-based VR shooter or even its next upcoming game, Silent North.

As for the rest of the showcase, we’ll just have to tune in and see on Friday!

Via: Androidcentral

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